Glass blowing in Wimberley, Texas

Hill Country Romp

We spent the day in Wimberley, Texas with Debbie on her birthday. We had no real plans, so we just kind of ran around and did whatever we could think of.

We watched a group of glass blowers at Wimberley Glassworks for 30 minutes. They stood around swinging around molten glass on the end of stainless steel sticks like it wasn’t any big deal.

Glass Blowing Facts: Glass is 2100° when being worked

If you ever have the chance, go watch someone blow glass. It’s quite mesmerizing.

John and Debbie watching the glass blowers
John and Debbie watching the glass blowers


Wrapping molten glass around some more glass
Wrapping molten glass around some more glass


Glass blowing
Molten glass on glass action


Glass blower showing off a bird's nest light fixture cover
Look at this smug mother. I’d be smug too.

After the glass blowing, we had a delicious lunch at The Leaning Pear.  They have an amazing reuben and a side salad that can hold its own with roasted/sugared pecans.

They also had this Texas Yaupon tea. Since I’d never heard of it and I love tea, I ordered it. It’s apparently tannin free, which is where real tea (Camellia sinensis) gets its bitterness. It’s really smooth and tastes amazing with a splash of lemon.

Texas Yaupon Tea at The Leaning Pear
Texas Yaupon Tea: Native North American Caffeinated Smoothness

We drove around town, bought a few bags of the tea, sadly found out that the local alpaca farm had shut down, then went home to relax for a bit.

A little car talk
A little car talk

We finished up the night with a drive out to San Antonio for some Maggiano’s for dinner and happily made it home alive thanks to my dad’s expert fog driving. Fog, total darkness and tons of hills makes for a very entertaining (read: horrifying) after-dinner drive.

A night out at Maggiano's

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