Elsewhere: Feed Your Travel Cravings When You’re Stuck at Home from For the Love of Wanderlust

Paige from For the Love of Wanderlust has written a post full of ideas for feeding your travel cravings when you’re stuck at home.

How to Feed Your Travel Cravings When You’re Stuck at Home by For the Love of Wanderlust

I follow Paige’s blog for the lovely photos and travel tips. This post in particular resonated with me because I feel a bit stuck at home at the moment. Even though I recently quit my full-time day job so that I could travel more, I still have a part-time position as a remote adjunct instructor at the local college. Being remote, it seems like I could just pick up and go whenever I please but I have intermittent courses to take to get my “digital professor certification” and also a fear that I will end up somewhere without cell signal or wifi, which I need to teach my course. (It still surprises me when we find ourselves somewhere without a data signal in the US.) Anyway, the urge to travel is strong and we’re going to be in Orlando for at least the next 3-4 weeks.

Today, John and I were walking around Lake Eola after trying out a new-to-us french bakery in Thornton Park (Benjamin’s). The weather was really  lovely and made me think that maybe I would enjoy Orlando more if I actually went out and tried new things in Orlando more often.

Duck at Lake

Do we love places that we travel to because they are genuinely better than where we live or do we love those places because when we travel we’re always trying new things?

Paige’s suggestions are all great, and some of them, like going to a local museum or on a local hike, may also connect you with where you currently live and help you not feel ‘stuck at home’. Explore your own city and fall in love with it the way you would when you’re traveling!

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