Our Road Trip from Florida to the Grand Canyon

With Detours to Ruby Falls, The Meteor Crater, Painted Desert and Petrified Forest

The road trip from Orlando, Florida to the Grand Canyon that we took from September 26, 2011 to October 2, 2011 is something that we’ve mentioned in one of our first posts, and is still probably one of the most epic, fun, adventurous road trips that John and I have taken.

The Grand Canyon was actually never on either of our ‘lists of places to see’. A big hole in the ground didn’t really intrigued us. But road trips did. And a road trip out west really intrigued me.

We had a week of vacation coming up with no real plans and the Grand Canyon popped into my head. I looked up how long it would take to drive — 1 day and 8 hours. It would be a crazy road trip. We would have to drive almost straight through just to have a couple of days to explore the park. We’d have to sleep in the car! It would be epic, like those coming-of-age movies where friends have crazy road trips! (At least, that’s what I thought anyway.)

So on the morning of September 26, 2011, we set out with adventure on our mind.

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Elsewhere: Never Ending Voyage, a travel blog

Ever since I read Vagabonding: An Uncommon Guide to the Art of Long-Term World Travel by Rolf Potts, I can’t stop entertaining the idea of selling everything we own and traveling non-stop for years.

Simon Fairbairn and Erin McNeaney of the travel blog, Never Ending Voyage, are a couple that did that very thing. They’ve been traveling for 5 years, working from their laptops as ‘digital nomads’. Even if you’re not planning on selling everything to skip off to earth, their blog posts are inspiring!

My favorite post so far is: How to travel long term with only carry-on luggage

Even for short trips, dragging around typically-sized luggage is a huge pain for me, including waiting around the luggage claim belt for what seems like an hour. I probably wouldn’t hate plane travel as much if I could just pack light!

Simon and Erin’s ability to travel with bare essentials is inspiring to me and I think I’ll take it as my next personal challenge to only take a backpack on our next trip. Check out their blog, Never Ending Voyage, for tons of tips on long-term travel.