John's epic duck pic

More Pictures from Evans Knob Farm

There’s not much more to say about Evans Knob than John already said. We completed our two weeks of WWOOFing yesterday and are really sad to have to go back to our normal lives. Kathy, Reid and the rest of the Evans family (pets included), all really made us feel at home, useful and appreciated.

The featured image is an epic shot of the ducks that John took with his iPhone. We’re all a bit amazed at how well it turned out.

Trees in a foggy forest
From the living room window of the cabin

Sheep in a bar
Sheep in the barn
Woman shearing a sheep
Kathy shearing a sheep — She let me attempt to shear one of them while she held them. It is tough to figure out where the sheep starts and the wool begins!
Barn swallow
A barn swallow, making sure we’re planting kale correctly
Picking radishes
Picking radishes – starting on Wednesday of our last week, we got a group of 5 gals from Washington DC to help!
Apollo the llama
Apollo, the pensive llama
Only half of the radishes picked this week. I was amazed at how quickly the radishes we didn’t pick last week bulked up!
Gabe the alpaca
Gabe the Alpaca
He came to say hi when we wandered into the pasture on our last day (not really, I think he came to see if we had a snack for him).
Gabe the Alpaca
More pictures of Gabe… yes, I’m obsessed with the alpaca
An alpaca and llama
Gabe and Apollo
Handspun yarn from natural wool
The yarn I spun! This was my first attempt ever at spinning yarn from roving. The roving was from sheep on Kathy’s farm that she sheared herself!

You can follow the Evans Knob Farm on Facebook to keep up with what they’re doing on the farm and maybe contact them about WWOOFing or look out for interning opportunities!

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