About The Froelich’s Travels

Mandy and John Froelich

Off To Earth is a project that Mandy and John Froelich started to satisfy their wanderlust and give them an excuse to get out and travel. They’ve lived in Central Florida most of their lives, and have an itch to get out and see the rest of the world – specifically from the front seat of either their Toyota Yaris or Ford Fusion. Armed with a Nikon D40 camera and plenty of coffee, the couple has recently taken an extended leave from work in order to visit the places they’ve always wanted to visit and camp in the places they’ve always wanted to camp. They’re also avid gamers, both video and table-top, and are looking forward to leveling up on the road. On the way, they’re hoping to find some enlightenment and some experience points.


Travel Blog: A couple in search of exploration points