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Safe and Sound in Wimberley

Despite what it may have seemed like in the last post, after leaving New Mexico, the trip was totally straight-forward and fine. We made awesome time, and made it into Wimberley, TX in time to see some an awesome sunset.

Awesome hues of blue into deep red and pink greeted us as we crested over the hills into Wimberley. We made it to Casa DeBonilla and grabbed an awesome Christmas Eve dinner.

Then quickly hit the sack.

Christmas day came around when we woke up, where we spent the morning opening presents with Jim and Debbie, and then we al enjoyed an impromptu jam session on our guitars.



Super comfy pajamas, courtesy of Jim and Debbie. Seriously, folks – they’re the best.


Mandy and Jim starting out our jam sesh.


Impromptu jam session, doing some Beatles on Christmas morning with Jim, Mandy, and John.


We spent all of Christmas day watching Christmas movies and playing the guitar, and it was totally awesome. We slept late into the next morning, and a little before lunch time, we went out to Wimberley and did some walking around and city sight-seeing.


Some deer hanging out right outside the door of Casa deBonilla.


Jim and Debbie at Jacob’s Well in Wimberley, TX.


Goofing around at Jacob’s Well.

After doing some shopping in the town, we went out to Twisted X, a local brewery with some kick ass beers.

Mandy sampling the Twisted X beers – they were awesome.

They had a really cool tree on the site too, with the pictures from their bottles carved into the wood.


After some beers, we decided to grab dinner at one of the best restaurants we’ve been to in recent memory, Jack Allen’s in Dripping Springs, TX.

Pork-belly BLT sliders. So good. So, so good,
Braised lamb tacos with cilantro, marinated red onions, and cheese.
Chicken-fried ribs with bacon-mashed potatoes and sautéed veggies, Absolutely incredible.


Yule-log desert – A vanilla sponge cake thing wrapped in chocolate with cherries and a local vanilla ice cream.

If you ever find yourself in Dripping Springs, do yourself a favor and check out this restaurant. Now, we’ve returned to the house to spend the rest of the night in a food coma.

Achievement Unlocked: Two 16+ Hour Drives in One Week

This is just going to be a big gallery from the trip between Wimberley, TX and Golden, CO. Not much happened on the way.

Driving at 5am
The trip started out dark and scary, with lots of fog.


Christmas Lights
We popped out of the car in Fredericksburg to take some pictures of the lights
Christmas lights
So this is Christmas!
Super fog
A little after this, I took over driving and got my first speeding ticket. Just a PSA – make sure you slow down on those Texan highways when you drive through a small town!
Big Texas Sky
Big Texas sky
Windmills in Sweetwater, Texas
Windmills galore in Sweetwater, Texas
Agri Producers Building
Not sure exactly what these are for but they’re gigantic, towering and in the middle of nowhere.


Texas sky
So much sky
Texas sky
More sky, taking a quick break to stretch our legs
Look at that handsome mug
Driving down a northern New Mexico road
I know people hate out-of-the-car shots, but I couldn’t help it. We were getting to New Mexico right around 3:30pm and as always, New Mexico delivers an amazing sky.
Old building in New Mexico
Slowing down through small towns – we learned our lesson.
New Mexican sky
Amazing colors
Panorama in New Mexico
Little panorama
Sierra Grande: An extinct shield volcano
Sierra Grande: An extinct shield volcano
Sierra Grande
Another shot of Sierra Grande
More sky in New Mexico
More sky in New Mexico
Sun setting in New Mexico
Sun setting in New Mexico
Sun setting in New Mexico
Sun setting in New Mexico
Sun setting in New Mexico
Sun setting in New Mexico
Sun setting in New Mexico
Damn! Look at that sky.
Sun setting in New Mexico
Not even sure what else to say…
Mountain in New Mexico
Mountains and stuff
New Mexico sky
New Mexico
Driving down the highway in New Mexico
Driving down the highway in New Mexico
New Mexico sky
Breathtaking, pretty much the whole way.
New Mexico
New Mexico
At a rest stop in New Mexico near Sierra Grande
At a rest stop in New Mexico near Sierra Grande
At a rest stop in New Mexico near Sierra Grande
I could not believe the way that sky blended into the snowy mountain

At a rest stop in New Mexico near Sierra Grande

New Mexico rest stop
That sky!
New Mexico sun set
The sun was setting, still at that rest stop
Driving through New Mexico
Back on the road, but ain’t that purty?
New Mexico is beautiful!
More out-of-the-car shots. Don’t care.
Tiny town in New Mexico
Tiny towns
Driving in New Mexico
Driving down the highway
John and Mandy in front of Sierra Grande
From the left: John, Sierra Grande, Mandy (also, John is becoming a Grand Master Selfie-Taker)


Hill Country Romp

We spent the day in Wimberley, Texas with Debbie on her birthday. We had no real plans, so we just kind of ran around and did whatever we could think of.

We watched a group of glass blowers at Wimberley Glassworks for 30 minutes. They stood around swinging around molten glass on the end of stainless steel sticks like it wasn’t any big deal.

Glass Blowing Facts: Glass is 2100° when being worked

If you ever have the chance, go watch someone blow glass. It’s quite mesmerizing.

John and Debbie watching the glass blowers
John and Debbie watching the glass blowers


Wrapping molten glass around some more glass
Wrapping molten glass around some more glass


Glass blowing
Molten glass on glass action


Glass blower showing off a bird's nest light fixture cover
Look at this smug mother. I’d be smug too.

After the glass blowing, we had a delicious lunch at The Leaning Pear.  They have an amazing reuben and a side salad that can hold its own with roasted/sugared pecans.

They also had this Texas Yaupon tea. Since I’d never heard of it and I love tea, I ordered it. It’s apparently tannin free, which is where real tea (Camellia sinensis) gets its bitterness. It’s really smooth and tastes amazing with a splash of lemon.

Texas Yaupon Tea at The Leaning Pear
Texas Yaupon Tea: Native North American Caffeinated Smoothness

We drove around town, bought a few bags of the tea, sadly found out that the local alpaca farm had shut down, then went home to relax for a bit.

A little car talk
A little car talk

We finished up the night with a drive out to San Antonio for some Maggiano’s for dinner and happily made it home alive thanks to my dad’s expert fog driving. Fog, total darkness and tons of hills makes for a very entertaining (read: horrifying) after-dinner drive.

A night out at Maggiano's

Achievement Unlocked: Wimberley, TX

Any complaints we made yesterday about I-10 paled in comparison to what Tuesday had in store for us leaving Baton Rouge. No more than 10 minutes after leaving the hotel, we find out that the next ten-mile stretch of I-10 has been shut down due to a major accident. Because of this, all traffic was being detoured off of the interstate onto a little one-lane county road. Cars and semi-trucks alike were all being shunted onto a tiny road that you had to fight through to move ten feet.

Traffic Jam

The detour in total was ten miles, and it took us two hours before we made it back on to the road. This considerably pushed our time to Wimberley back, but being good adventurers, we tried to not let it get to us.

10 Mile Backup and Detour

It only sort of worked.

After getting back on I-10, the rest of the trip was a high-speed blur moving through Louisiana and into the heart of Texas. Hours melted away with farms and farmhouses giving way to stretches of vegetation and and the type of sunset that you only get in the South. This was another day that kept us in the car for most of the day, trying to make up for lost time from the morning.

Cows in a pasture in Texas

Around 7PM, despite the GPS trying to lead us to some sort of Indian burial ground (we forgot to take a picture), we made it to Casa deBonilla in Wimberley, TX in good time and good spirits.